Hi! I'm Lindsay, but most of my friends call me Linz- and since you're here, I consider you a friend!

I'm a mom of both a human and fur babies. Writing is my passion and has been since I was a little girl. I wouldn't necessarily call divorce my passion- that was kind of forced on me- but helping others through one is. My motto is "You can't heal it if you don't feel it", and I try to help others do that through my writing and social media presence.

While helping others going through a divorce is a big part of my life, it's not all of it, which is why I started Linz Writes Life. I want to showcase other parts of my life, as well as give a platform for others to share their inspirational stories and expertise.

With humor, faith, the right resources, and a whole lot of grace, you really can make it through anything life throws your way. I hope my little corner of the internet helps you a bit along that journey.