Let's Talk About the Single Dads

I write a lot about single moms because...well, I am one. But single dads deserve just as much credit, and quite frankly, I don't think...

Not-So Desperately Seeking

Dating after divorce is vastly different than dating before marriage. You're older and hopefully much wiser. You know a little about what...

Overcoming an Addiction to Red Flags

We think they'll change. We want to be the one they change for, so we sit and we wait. We push and we pull until the battle gets too...



Before Linz Writes Life, there was The Divorced Mama Bear. After my divorce in 2019, I wanted a place where I could post quotes about how I was feeling, and where I could connect with others going through a similar situation. I found a wonderful, supportive community on Instagram, and when the pandemic hit, I decided to start doing more to help those going through a divorce. I provide resources I genuinely believe will help divorcees not only heal, but thrive. I am passionate about supporting those going through a divorce, but my divorce is just a chapter in my life- albeit a big one. Linz Writes Life gives me the opportunity to connect with people beyond divorce, through my writing and by listening to their inspirational stories. I hope my journey gives you the peace of mind in knowing you are not alone, that you're going to be okay, and that life is what we make it- so make it a good one!