Surrounding yourself with the right community before, during, and after your divorce is so important. If you aren't sure which resources are right for you, contact me to set up a Divorce Direction session. In addition to these resources, which will be updated regularly, you can find more divorce assistance on my Instagram page and podcast, Linz Talks Life. Let's make sure you not only survive, but thrive after your divorce!

Experts I Recommend

Maria Akopyan (Divorce Coach)- Dignified Divorce Coaching

Ashley MacKinnon (Divorce Coach)- @theconsciouscoparent

Cindy Stibbard (Divorce Coach)- Divorce Redefined

Tosh Brittan (Divorce Coach)- Divorce Goddess

Marie Sarantakis (Divorce Coach)- Adrikos Divorce Coaching

Maxine Clancy (Holistic Divorce Coach)- @divorcedetoxcoach

Laila Aitken Ali (Divorce Coach/Split.fyi Co-Founder)- @thesplitcoach

Joana Lopez (Personal Coach)- @yourbreakuptherapist

Alicia Johnson (Solo Mom Coach)- @iamempoweredunicorn

Karen Millon (Coach/Podcast Host)- @healinwithkaren

Deb Lauren (Mindset Coach)- Deb Lauren Coaching

Jade Bianca (Dating Coach)- @dating_after_div

Jacqueline Walters, Pn1 & Reiki II Certified (Intuitive Body Coach)- @simply.mindful.mama

Split.fyi (Divorce Community)- @splitfyi

Sheila Adams Gardner, Esq. (Divorce Mediator)- @twohousesonefamily

Lauren L. Hunt, Esq. (Divorce Mediator)- @laurenhuntesq

Rosemarie Ferrante, Esq. (Divorce Mediator)- Divorce Mediation Center of Ridgefield/Danbury, LLC

Traci Provost (CDFA)- traciprovost.com

Lindsey Woods (Financial Advisor)- @lindseymcmoney

Renee Bauer (Attorney/Podcast Host)- msreneebauer.com

Amy (Divorce Blogger)- The Divorced Christian

Debbie (Divorce Blogger)- @thedwordblog

Michele (Divorce Comedian)- @divorcediariesshow

Resources I Recommend

First Steps to Freedom Video Course *FREE* from Renee Bauer

Navigating the Emotions of a Divorce Masterclass *FREE* from Renee Bauer

The D-Course with Renee Bauer

10% Off with Code: #linz from Datingafterdivorce.com

We to Me Toolkit from Deb Lauren

1-Hour Mindset Coaching Consult *FREE* with Deb Lauren

First Divorce Coaching Session *FREE* with Ashley MacKinnon

1-Hour Prioritize YOU Session (for exhausted & burnt-out mamas!) *FREE* with Jacqueline Walters

Divorce Without Conflict *FREE* by Lauren L. Hunt, Esq.

Custody Case Organizer *FREE* from Lauren L. Hunt, Esq.

15 Min Audio Therapy to “Get Your Ex Out of Your Head” *FREE*  from Reinventing Hearts

Healin with Karen Podcast *FREE* with Karen Millon

Divorce Checklist *FREE* from Dignified Divorce Coaching

30-Day Journal with Prompts & Affirmations *FREE* from Solo Mom Strong

Divorcing as a Christian Guide *FREE* from Adrikos Divorce Coaching

Meditation and Divorce Guides *FREE* from Maxine Clancy

14 Days of Self-Care to Kickstart Your Healing Journey *FREE* by Lindsay Cushman

Scriptures and Songs for Those Emotional Moments *FREE* from Amysjournal.com

Books I Recommend

The Parent Co-Pilot Guide by Renee Bauer

An Amazing Divorce by Karen Millon

Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller

BIFF for Co-Parent Communication by Bill Eddy, Annette Burns, and Kevin Chafin

Percy’s Perfectly Imperfect Family by Renee Bauer

Made of Love by Sheila Adams Gardner

Two Houses One Family by Sheila Adams Gardner

A New Special Friend by Tamar Burris

Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend