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Breakups Suck...Here's Some Survival Advice

It doesn't matter how many broken hearts you've had, each one hurts. If you're feeling totally lost after your most-recent breakup, here's some advice from my amazing InstaFriends to help get you through.

-It will pass and focus on you. (decorandbeyond_byreina)

-Remember your reasons and don't let the good memories that creep up cloud your judgement.

-Everything happens for a reason. Realize that you have a bright future ahead of you. You can get through this!

-It will be okay once it stops hurting.

-You rock! Enjoy your freedom. It is the best thing for you, even if you don't realize it at the time.

-Heal. God has the most amazing plan for you. (@raise.consciouskids)

-If it's not meant to be it will never be there, even if you don't break up. Better that it happened now. Be sad and cry as much as you need to.

-Have faith that whatever happens is for the best. You might not see it now, but one day you will realize it. Focus on yourself. Love yourself, pamper yourself, and build your confidence. It's easier said than done. Have a margarita!

-Sometimes a person doesn't need advice. What they can use is a friend to listen and just be there through the breakup. (@simplykathy_kitchen)

-Be optimistic and believe that everything happens for a reason! Put your energy into yourself and the things that make you happy. Be sad but pull yourself out of it because life goes on.

-Don't date! Focus on yourself and your healing so that you can remember and rediscover who you are. Build up confidence and love of yourself that isn't dependent on anyone else.

-This too shall pass. (@jessica_lynne_716)

-Read "The Single Woman" by Mandy Hale. Try your best to develop new healthy habits. Take care of yourself. Don't hate yourself for loving. Love is not bad, people we love are wrong for us sometimes. Be the person you want to meet someday.

-Let your anger cool down before signing papers.

-Now is the time for YOU!

-Have self-compassion and know you are worthy and valued. That somebody right for you will come along.

-Block them on everything unless you agreed to stay friends. That's the only way you won't be tempted to call, text, social media creep on them. Sometimes what you see/do makes it a zillion times worse.

-The only real way to fully heal your heartache, and to grow through the experience, is to keep your thoughts focused on you. We tend to focus on our exes...whether it be to place blame, in the context of co-dependency, with a fixation on how they are moving on from the breakup, creeping their social media pages, etc. Better to take the time you spend mourning the loss of the relationship and the future you thought you might have by looking inward. Why did you pick that person in the first place? What broke down in the relationship? What was within control? What did you learn about YOURSELF that you could work on (as opposed to "I learned that so-and-so is a douche", something like "I learned that I value alone time more than I thought and I need to be more forthcoming about that moving forward).

-It may not be easy, but changes never are. It may take a long time, or a little, but it's your timeline. Take care of yourself. It's okay to be sad, but don't wallow so long in your sadness that you forget that you deserve happiness. (@theellisestate)

-You won't be past it overnight, but you will eventually! And then you are going to realize it was good riddance, so have patience, take one day at a time, you will get through it!

-You've only gotta deal with missing them til you don't miss them at all.

-You will get through it. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen. Take time to look after you. Reconnect to you and love YOU. (@andreabinksybinks)


-Hope for the best. Accept your present and move on. God has a plan for you.

-It will get better with time.

My advice is always that you can't heal it if you don't feel it. You must go through the emotions in order to move forward. Grieve the loss, but remember that there will be good days again. You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other til you get there.

What advice would you add?

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