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GUEST BLOG: 3 Steps to Mindfulness

Hey there mamas! Whether you have one child or five, we can all agree that life can get hectic. When we get caught up in our busy lives we can easily forget to "Stop and smell the roses", or to be mindful. Mindfulness, by definition, is focusing one's awareness on the present moment. Practicing mindfulness throughout the day and teaching it to our children will improve life today, and make for a better tomorrow.

Here are my top three ways to practice mindfulness in hopes of more smiles and fewer tantrums.

1. Notice the beauty of nature.

This could include collecting a few leaves outside and talking about their different sizes and colors. Talk about how trees start out as just small seedlings and how big they are now. How old you do you think the tree could be? Can you name some of the animals that call trees home? If you aren't near any trees, just look up to the clouds. What do the clouds look like to you? Does your child see the same? Both of these practices make us use our imagination and are great for all ages!

2. Show yourself some love.

Too often, I find myself making comparisons to others, thinking that I wish I was different. When I noticed my daughters doing this, it broke my heart. Since then we started this new daily habit and it has shaped our minds to be more confident and less harsh on ourselves. Every morning, before we start our busy day, and every night before we go to bed, my daughters and I tell each other six things we like about ourselves. Three things are Physical (hair, nail shape, eyes, etc.) and three things are Personality Traits (creative, honest, loyal, etc.). Continue to talk positively about yourselves, and soon your confidence will naturally build up.

3. Breathe.

I know, this sounds so cliché, but just try it! When you (or your child) are having one of those moments when the world is spinning, anxiety has taken over, and all anyone can do is scream and cry, just STOP & BREATHE! Close your eyes, put both feet on the floor, and take a few deep breaths. Focus on the actual process of breathing in and out. Imagine all the stress leaving your body as you exhale. I like to picture the beach (my happy place) and imagine my breaths aligning with the waves. Figure out what is your happy place and go there.

Bonus - Practice gratitude daily!

Stay strong mamas and know that you are not alone! Remind yourself that life is truly beautiful, if you just learn to look for the sunshine! If you enjoyed reading my mindfulness tips follow me on IG and FB linktr.ee.com/Amyguzman

About Amy:

My name is Amy, I was born and raised in Sunny Florida. I have been married for 10 years and have 3 daughters. I am on a journey to live my life to the fullest and do what makes my soul happy. I strive to pass on any knowledge that I have learned and help others do the same! I am an entrepreneur who runs my own business customizing furniture and promoting natural healing.

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