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GUEST BLOG: Parting with Your Ring Post-Divorce | What You Need to Know

Why should you part with your wedding ring post-divorce? More importantly, how can parting with your ring help you move on with your life?

Before we talk about the reasons to sell your ring post-divorce and how best to do so, let’s take a step back and talk about jewelry in general. Why do you own the jewelry you own? Why do you wear the jewelry you wear? It's likely because it makes you feel a certain way. We don't always realize it, but jewelry has the power to make us feel all kinds of things. Whether that’s confident, beautiful, powerful, unique, or once loved by someone special, it all comes down to energy. We talk a lot about energy here at SellRing, more specifically the energy that jewelry can carry. And that jewelry post your divorce that carries that negative energy or no longer serves you is so important to part with to fully move on and start your post-divorce life.

Now that we've covered the basics of jewelry, let's talk about selling your ring.

If you’re struggling to fully let go of your ring here are two important things to remember:

  1. Ask yourself why exactly do you want to keep this ring. Many people often don’t want to part with their ring because it once symbolized so many happy memories. And as I’m sure you’ve heard before, your wedding ring cannot replace all the good memories you’ve had, and even parting with your ring now won't make those memories disappear either.

  2. Selling your ring is up to you. It doesn’t need to happen within any timeframe or when someone tells you to do it, it all has to do with when you are ready and feel most comfortable to sell. Yes, there are many benefits to selling your ring post-divorce, but at the end of the day it all comes down to when it feels most right for you.

Now, if you’re ready to let go and sell your ring, but just don’t know where to start, know that the most important things are safety and trust. There are plenty of jewelry buyers out there, some great and some not so great. And, in a sea of so many potential buyers, it’s easy to get confused and frustrated about the process of selling your jewelry. Here are some of the most important tips we can offer as certified buyers ourselves.

DO: Manage your expectations.

Ask yourself what are your expectations for this process. How much are you hoping to get? Many people expect to get what they paid for the ring, and that is just not the case. Managing your expectations is an important initial step.

DON’T: Send any jewelry to anyone without insurance.

Always have your jewelry insured. Always. You’ll likely be shipping your jewelry to a potential buyer, and if that’s the case, you need to have it insured. In the case, your jewelry is lost, stolen, or damaged during the shipping process, that insurance will help you. When you sell your jewelry with us, your items are fully insured, and shipping is free. Most good buyers out there may have a similar policy, but always inquire about insurance!

DO: Stay away from pawnshops & shady online websites.

Pawnshops don’t have the knowledge and expertise that we as a jewelry business have. Ultimately they will give you the lowest value they can, meaning you can get much more selling to a jewelry business, like us! And this goes without saying, but if a website looks shady to you and they are not insuring your jewelry, trust your gut and stay away from them!

DO: Gather up any appraisals, receipts, or certifications.

This documentation is important to have when trying to sell your ring, in most cases, it’s just as important as the ring itself. If you have this documentation on hand, that’s great - it will only help get a better evaluation. If you don't have any of these documents or haven’t seen any of these things in years, no need to worry, you can still sell! Just communicate this to the buyer.

We’ve talked about why it’s important to sell your ring post-divorce and we’ve talked about some important do’s and don'ts, but now let’s talk about the benefits of selling your ring post-divorce and what you can do once you do sell your ring. For one, your ring isn't holding you down anymore and the decision about what to do with your ring is something you no longer have to worry about. And with the money that you receive from selling your ring, you now have so many options. You can use that money to set yourself up for your post-divorce life, invest it and build that wealth over time, or as many women often do, replace their wedding ring with something like a divorce ring, which signifies the start of your new journey.

There are plenty of benefits to selling your wedding ring post-divorce, but remember that whatever you decide to do with your ring post-divorce is completely your choice. We, as jewelry buyers, are here to help you part with your jewelry in a way that allows you to freely move on with your life whenever the timing is right for you.

About SellRing.NYC:

We're woman-owned, certified jewelry buyers. We work with various individuals but work with many clients who are divorced or going through the divorce process trying to sell their rings or jewelry. Our motto here at SellRing is Sell Safe Set Free. We want individuals to feel safe when they decide to sell their jewelry with us. We know the process of selling jewelry can be strange and new to some people, so their safety and trust are our top priority. Our goal is to try to make the process of selling jewelry as seamless as possible.

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