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Let's Talk About That Crazy Uphill Climb to 40

Apparently 40 is considered "over the hill" because the average human lifespan is around 80, but now that 40 is considered the new 30, that uphill climb just got crazier.

That five-year span between 35 and 40 is where many of us are seeing the biggest area of growth in our lives. Our families, finances, careers, and even our mindsets are changing rapidly during this stage. While discovering yourself used to occur in your early 20's, more and more people are finding that it's actually in their late 30's where most of that discovery is taking place.

Some of us have been divorced (maybe even more than once). Some of us haven't settled down yet and are still experiencing the dating scene (eek!). Some of us are CEO's, while others are going back to school to start a new career. Most of us know what our families are going to look like by now. There's no more wondering like there was in our 20's.

While that knowledge and experience comes with a certain level of freedom, it also comes with a tremendous amount of growth- and growth is sometimes painful.

We're at that stage of "it's too late for this" but "it's too early for that". While we thought our teens and 20's were awkward and crazy, our late 30's are sure giving those years a run for their money!

Social media and the pandemic have thrown a whole other dynamic into the mix. Many of us had to make really hard decisions because of the pandemic, and our lives may have taken a completely different direction than we ever thought possible. Social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram are showing people in their late-30's living it up and having fun- nothing like we thought "over the hill" was going to look like.

Yeah, that uphill climb to 40 is crazy. It might be more uncertain than you pictured it to be- even downright scary sometimes. But it's also the most beautiful feeling to see yourself growing and tackling those challenges left and right. You just know YOU'VE GOT THIS.

Maybe getting to the top of the hill won't be so bad after all. And maybe- just maybe- the ride down will be glorious.

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