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GUEST BLOG: The Benefits of Working With a Divorce Coach

You might be wondering if a Divorce Coach will only drive up the costs of your already-expensive divorce, but many experts agree that they can actually SAVE you money. While many people tend to rely on their lawyer for all things emotional too, a Divorce Coach can offer the non-legal help you need at a significantly lower cost per hour.

While a good divorce attorney or family lawyer is key to handling the legal aspects of your separation, there are many other aspects of your divorce that you may need some individualized support with —like dealing with anger and fear, communicating with your soon-to-be ex, creating a parenting schedule and managing your new financial situation. If you're struggling with these types of challenges, working with a Divorce Coach would be a very smart move.

If you’re dealing with divorce, the benefits of working with a divorce coach include:

  • Assisting you with the necessary steps (and when to take them) so the divorce process can move forward as efficiently as possible in preparation for your life after divorce. Backed by knowledge, training and experience, your Divorce Coach is able to guide you through each stage of the process. Your Coach will help you consider your options and how they will impact you today, and in the future- while saving time and money.

  • Helping you deal with stress, triggers and overwhelming emotion. You’ll experience waves of various emotions during this major life transition that, at times, will make it difficult to think clearly. Your Coach will help you find clarity so you can make the best, most-sensible decisions possible for your family and your future.

  • Supporting you through every roadblock, obstacle, or challenge that may get in the way. As part of your divorce journey, you might experience sleeplessness, anxiety, fear, sadness, anger and despair. You might be faced with having to look for a new place to live, find a job, or juggle single-parenting responsibilities. Your Divorce Coach will support you through every physical, emotional, and practical challenge you face along the way, offering solutions-based support to help ease the stress.

  • Teaching you how to communicate effectively with your soon-to-be ex. Despite the fact that you’re divorcing and emotions may be running high, you will still need to communicate with your former spouse, even more so if you have children. At a minimum, you’ll need to discuss co-parenting and the division of property. Your Divorce Coach will share tools, tips and communication strategies to make the necessary discussions easier and more effective.

  • Connecting you with vetted professionals who are aligned with your goals such as financial advisors, lawyers, mediators, accountants, and parenting experts. It can also be overwhelming to keep track of all the details involved in getting divorced, so your Coach can even accompany you to any meetings with other experts on your divorce team to take notes and provide support. One of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re dealing with divorce is to have the right team of experts support you. Your Coach will advise you when, and if, you need to add additional experts to your team and how best to communicate with them. You are not alone!

For more information on divorce coaching, contact:

Cindy Stibbard, BA, BEd, CDC®, CDS, CHCC™, ABA

CEO of Divorce ReDefined

CDC® Certified Divorce & Transition Coach

CDS Certified Divorce Specialist

CHCC™ Chartered Career Coach





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About Cindy:

After 26 years in the field of Education and 12 years as a stay-at-home mom, it was my own divorce that propelled me to pursue a new career and direction in my life. My personal experience of divorce inspired me and made me passionate about supporting others emotionally, mentally and financially. I became well-versed in how to help, support and guide others away from making painful, expensive and emotionally damaging mistakes that divorce can bring.

As a Certified Divorce, Career & Empowerment Coach, and as a Certified Divorce Specialist, I help individuals navigate successfully through challenging times in their lives. Divorce is life-altering, and my work helps those going through it gain a sense of control at a particularly raw time when they feel their life is coming apart at the seams.

I meet my clients right where they are in the process, from just contemplating the idea of divorce to having to get back in the workforce post-divorce, and all stages in between. I quarterback the process, filling the grey space between therapy and the law, teaching individuals how to think rationally, creatively and productively as they consider all of their options and complete their settlement agreement with the intention of focusing on attaining the outcome that is right for them and their family.

I work to help find my clients the best divorce professionals for them, from lawyers, to real estate agents, to mortgage brokers, to financial advisors, to parenting experts. With all that's at stake, those who are about to separate need an affordable advocate who will look out for their short and long-term interests, as well as empower them throughout the process and prepare them for their new path ahead. I will help identify wants and needs and assist in navigating the turbulent waters of the divorce process down a channel that allows them to live their new life- on their terms and REDEFINE who they are in the process.

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